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    Welcome to CQLS HPC and Biocomputing

    If you are just getting started with the CQLS HPC and Biocomputing services please read below.

  • This computational resources is available to anyone doing research work at Oregon State University. Many colleges and departments cover costs to access this computational infrastructure. You are welcome to sign up for an account and the CQLS will help you understand if access is already covered or you(r) research/lab will need to pay for access. The CQLS HPC and Biocomputing infrastructure consist of a large HPC resources (see about) with compute nodes, web services, database services, files services and other research related computing.
  • To sign up for an account please use the link at the top of this page called "CQLS Account Request"
  • Once you have an account and can access the infrastructure you can read the "Documentation" on how to use the HPC system or we provide courses through the Advanced Cyberinfrastructure Teaching Facility (ACTF).
  • The CQLS installs many of the software tools needed by the researchers across campus. If you find that a tool or piece of software is not installed you can use the CQLS Support Request to submit a request. The CQLS donates 1 hour of labor to install any software that may be needed. Past that amount of time the group requesting the tool may be asked to cover any extra labor. Most tools can be installed within that 1 hour time provided for free.