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ACTF Class Account Request

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    If you would like to request a ACTF Teaching account with the CQLS please fill out the form below.
    NOTICE: Any data stored in a workshop account will be removed (and the account may be deactived or removed) after the class has ended. Near the end of the class in question, be sure to back up any data you have created and care about. Workshop accounts are not for research (CQLS offers research accounts for production-scale work), and disk quotas for workshop accounts are limited.

    Please provide a login name - if you have an OSU ONID, use that.
    If not, select a login name that is 9 to 12 letters, starts with a lower-case letter, and contains only lower-case letters and numbers.
    Please DO NOT use your 9-digit OSU ID number.

    You should receive an automated email from our request ticketing system to the email address you have provided within 5-10 minutes. If you don't receive this email please reach out to us at support at cgrb.oregonstate.edu

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