These links are provided to users of the CQLS at Oregon State University. Please do not share files or links provided on this page to groups outside the university without CQLS approval.

    • Login access to the CQLS infrastructure is controlled by one of two pathways. Users can use the standard password authentication which will require Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) or users looking to not have to use MFA will need to use SSH Keys to access the resources. The OSU campus currently uses DUO as an MFA client and anyone looking to access the infrastructure using a password will be required to use this to login. If you do not have an OSU ONID account or your account you will not be able to use the MFA system and be required to use SSH Keys to access the systems. For those users needing to use SSH Keys but can not login using MFA please send a support ticket to the CQLS ("support request form") with your SSH Public Key you have generated on your local machine in the comments. Users using tools like PUTTY will want to follow examples to generate the keys using this link.Examples of how to generate and manage keys within different operating systems see this link and to view generated keys see this link. This needs to be done on the desktop being used to access the systems. Once you generate a key please send the public key to the CQLS through the support request comments section.
    • You may want to also search out how to generate SSH keys for the program or application you use to access the machines like PUTTY.

    • How to submit jobs to the infrastructure can be found in the file "cgrb_infrastructure.pdf"

    • CQLS File Upload and Download:
      • Please use the server "" to transfer data. This machine is setup for fast transfers and this will ensure there is no congestion on the "shell" access machine. This machine is not for general web services. This machine is strictly for upload and download of files. Please limit the number of concurrent upload/downloads per users. Examples of how to upload and download data using can found in the file "cgrb_files_access.pdf". Please do not upload any copyrite material.